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ProgressBay - Trust . Commit . Deliver

We Craft Solutions, Experiences & Platforms That Transform Brands.



Identity and credibility matters most for our organization. The manner in which we conduct ourselves and do our business epitomizes who we are.


The right time is omnipresent. We take the responsibility of finding and arrange for when the best time to unleash your offerings to the marketplace.


What we do is well-thought, analyzed, planned, tested, implemented and improved. That makes what we offer better and more operational.


The inception and growth of the internet has turned the world a mouse-click away. Thanks to our flexibility, we are everywhere.

High Quality Data of your own!

Our solutions have evolved keeping a global perspective uppermost in mind. We design solutions based on the requirements of our clientele with an efficient, progressive and scalable point of view. We tailor-make and improvise as we move as there’s no one size fits all solution.

List Services

Build your Target List of prospects

Targeted solutions are most conducive when you know who your audience is and know who you are communicating with. Our segregation and categorization makes targeting achievable. We ensure that our clients’ communication is never off the mark and we strive to be bang on.

  • We can customize the Data by Industry, Title, Revenue, Geography and SIC Codes.
  • Maintain, update and acquire database to meet your day to day marketing initiatives.
  • Our proprietary lists offer maximum accuracy, freshness and relevance to deliver high rates of return.
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Appending Process

Uphold an effective communication

This service helps to a greater extent in optimizing a company’s existing internal database in tune with the current markets with accuracy. It also ropes in retaining existing clients, prospects, with a clean, valid and enhanced result.

  • Make sure your direct promotion reaches the intended recipient.
  • We ensure information is complete and accurate, and messages are deliverable.
  • Gain a better insight into consumer behavior and safeguard your message is relevant.
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Campaign Service

Get to the right place every time

Change the way you think about your direct email marketing strategy by using our email campaign solutions and reach out to your customers and prospects.

  • Bounces Handling: Includes bounced email processing features.
  • Email Scheduling: Supports one-shot and recurring email scheduling.
  • Email Delivery: Sends bulk email via fast, multi-threaded email delivery engine.
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Trust . Commit . Deliver

In today’s world, verticals overlap and a mix of skills and areas of expertise are required to succeed. We provide customized data solutions which enables our clients to be able to pick and choose from varied verticals and segments depending on what they offer.

  • Solutions with a progressive point of view.
  • Our categorization makes targeting achievable.
  • Varied segments and sectors covered and listed.
  • Know your audience and who you are communicating with.
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