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Trust - Commit - Deliver

Ever wondered what sailing in the sea of uncertainties and regression can mean?

It can mean ending up with something that is not qualitative, is unheard of and wastage of precious time, resources and money spent. What if you found what you want, waiting by the bay? What if it was progress that lay waiting while you manoeuvred all this while? What if your search has finally ended.

ProgressBay is a full-service Sales & Marketing firm which caters to both National and International markets. We are a competent team of Innovative & Creative Marketers, Sales & IT Professionals with abilities to the best. Our capabilities begin with a set of the whole new diverse scope of services handcrafted through innovative marketing strategies which make brands reach their target audience.

We help you to identify the best-suited programs for your business, to ensure every field from our list will give the maximum outreach. Our research professionals conduct practical reviews to recognize your business goals, reach and identify your key performance areas. Through detailed market analysis and extensive audit of your business environments, we reconstruct a business plan which gives successes to your brand.

Our marketing and communication solutions are designed to help you surge ahead toward progress and better market value. We implement the right amount of though capital, experience, skill and drive to design custom solutions that are best suited for the nature of your business.

Mission: Create a scenario with equal opportunities for us and our teams. Strive to give our best while imbibing the best trends and knowledge. Bask in the glory of our clients’ success – we grow as they grow.

Vision:To unify technical, marketing and social skills to facilitate business growth and development and deliver high quality solutions to our clientele.

Progress Team

Your best work is your expression of yourself. Now, you may not be the greatest at it, but when you do it, you're the only expert.

Team @ ProgressBay

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our employee’s love their role as they live it and this gives us extraordinary results in our business. We are a mission and value driven organization, in which we follow three key elements of Trust - Commit - Deliver.

Our Strategy

  • Trust
    We believe that business relationships are endured with at most trust.
  • Commit
    A service with commitment results in a win-win situation.
  • Deliver
    Quality in services delivered defines our organization.

Our Bay's

  • Accounts
    Finance Bay
  • Data
    Project Bay
  • Sales
    Client Bay