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This is also generally known as e-appending, this process involves adding email addresses to your database which lacks or has got incorrect email addresses. E-mail marketing has a lot of advantages in terms of being cost effective, so maintaining a database that has accurate email addresses becomes a crucial factor in reaching out to new customers or establishing relations with the existing ones.

Email being a widely used medium of communication, it is likely that you would get more expected responses through them. At ProgressBay we have an extensive email database that is updated every quarter to provide you with accurate email addresses. We provide opt-in email addresses to maintain privacy and in tandem serving your requirements.

Why E-mail Appending?

  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Provide an opt-out opportunity.
  • Accuracy and deliverability of emails.
  • Add the missing or correct email address to your database.
  • Database is managed and matched in-house with a large B2B database.
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