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The key reach tool in today’s digital marketing strategy remains the emails. If you think that emails are useless? Then think again. Change the way you think about your direct email marketing strategy by using our email campaign solutions and reach out to your customers and prospects.

Get in touch with us for details of our in-house email marketing campaign software, which gives you an edge over your marketing efforts; get an in-depth outlook of the features of the software which will assist you in leveraging behaviors and driving the marketing campaign with revenue.

Campaign Features:

  • Built-in SMTP Server: We have a built-in SMTP server.
  • Bounces Handling: Includes bounced email processing features.
  • Email Scheduling: Supports one-shot and recurring email scheduling.
  • WYSIWYG Email Editing: Supports WYSIWYG HTML message composing.
  • List Deduplication: Automatically skips duplicate addresses in mailing lists.
  • Personalized bulk emails: Sends personalized HTML emails to different recipients.
  • Email Tracking: Tracks your email with the no. of opens and unsubscribe link clicks.
  • Fast email delivery: Sends bulk email via fast, multi-threaded email delivery engine.
  • Email Throttling: Limits the per minute/hour/day email volumes via SMTP and Exchange servers.
  • Unicode & International languages: Supports Unicode, and major international character sets and encodings.
  • Personalized file attachments and images: In addition to personalization in the email subject and body, you can even send different file attachments and images to different recipients in the same mailing job.
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