The Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting sector oversees activity related to agriculture (growing crops), raising livestock (animal farming), timber merchandising, and fisheries etc.

The Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting sector oversees activity related to agriculture (growing crops), raising livestock (animal farming), timber merchandising, and fisheries (harvesting fish) and other animals from farms, nurseries, orchards, vineyards, hatcheries or their natural habitats. Activities that support such initiatives for the bodies that function and operate within this sector include performing any activity related to farming, which include preparation of soil, planting seeds, harvesting crop, and management of the overall activity.

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Industries that exist within the crop production subsector are mainly from the farming sector. They own farms, vineyards, groves, greenhouses, orchards, and nurseries where crops and plants are grown. They function primarily for food and fiber (fibre) production. All the industries that exist in the crop production segment are unified by the fact that their production processes are similar. These production processes and activity include biological and physiological traits and also requirements that entail socio-economic requisites. What is also taken into account are the length of growing period, levels of crop rotation, amount of input speciality, labor (labour) related requirements, and demands of capital (funds).

All industries that operate or facilitate the business of animal production, farming, animal husbandry, shearing, etc., are within the Animal Production and Aquaculture subsector. These industries are not limited to land animals alone. They also include birds and aquatic animals and plants too. This industry functions to grow animals for sale (either of the animals or products obtained from animals).

Industries that prevail in the Forestry and Logging subsector focus on the growth and harvesting of. This process (also known as the long production cycle) lasts for several years (10+). There are a wide number of processes used in production. This is different from short production cycle related timber production that requires and much lesser time. Industries in this subsector provide their expertise in various stages of the cycle of production. It involves cutting and logging of trees and also, reforestation comprises a very key aspect of this industry. Timber being a very important resource, the industry requires a symbiotic process which involves several aspects and entities’ involvement for fulfilment.

Industries that are a part of the fishing, hunting and trapping subsector harvest wild animals and fish. This largely depends on their continuous supply. The primary activity that generates revenue for this subsector is mainly harvesting of fish and depends on the acquisition of specific vessels for transportation and fishing. The process of hunting and trapping are as fishing because the resources available and the restrictions that exist.

Industries that support the agriculture and forestry subsector are known to provide services that essentially assist and facilitate the process of agricultural and forestry produce. These activities include provision of equipment, resources and inputs for better output from the industry.

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