The construction industry is one of the key industries involved in social and economic development.

The activity undertaken by companies and businesses in this particular vertical includes creating new buildings, making additions and alterations to existing ones, reconstruction of buildings and establishments that may be damaged, are in need of repair or renovation, installations and general repairs. The industry is held in high esteem and magnates within this industry are invariably connected with the growth and development of a society and an economy. Construction comprises not just high level planning and processing.

The industry also is a source for the daily bread for a large number of resources at even the grass root level. ProgressBay has data that categorizes companies in the construction industry in terms of those in the management cadre, to executives and even employees. We acquire such important data by studying and analyzing several pay-roll processes and various other records and directories. The construction industry, in broad terms covers the following activities: Construction by regular contractors or builders and heavy construction activity other than just building by regular and special trade contractors.


This sub-sector of the construction industry includes regular contractors and builders. Special trade contractors are also part of this key group. In this sub sector includes the construction of buildings, malls, complexes, theatres, houses, apartments, schools, hospitals, offices and the like.

This is another very vital sub sector of the construction industry. This sub sector does not include construction of buildings. Instead, what it involves is construction of roads, highways bridges, drains (sewers), railway lines, dams, airport runways, irrigation projects, marine construction, etc. The special trade contractors under this segment are mainly occupied with assisting and facilitating heavy construction. These activities include installation of signboards, trenching, underwater rock removal, asphalting, etc.

The special trade contractor segment forms a very vital wing of the construction industry. It includes contractors classified as special trade contractors. These individuals (or representatives of companies and agencies) provide specialized services for construction, mobile homes, painting and traffic facilitating work.

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