Data Hygiene

In the course of running an organization, you would find that consistent data validation and enrichment are needed to heighten productivity. For no matter how huge your database is, it wouldn’t benefit your business if the information in the database isn’t accurate. Data hygiene ensures that such a scenario is remedied.

Be it marketing lists, lead lists, b2b company lists, b2b marketing database or any other data that’s relevant to your business operations, ProgressBay makes sure that the data indeed remains relevant.

As part of our Data Hygiene service, ProgressBay would help you optimize your database which in turn results in better marketing, which leads to higher revenue for the entire organization.

ProgressBay would help you format the data in the database by performing whatever task is required for an efficient database- be it better classification of data, modification of existing data, or correcting inaccurate information. Some of the important tasks we perform in bringing your database up-to-date include doing referential integrity checks, updating irrelevant data, systematically arranging mailing lists, making sure that the attribute names are consistent and also making homogenous data pools.

Advantages of partnering with ProgressBay for Data Hygiene:

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