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We live in a world that is flooded with information. To wade through this flood and find out those bits of data that are relevant to you could be quite a challenge. This is true both on the personal as well as the business front. In other words, in a world where you need data to be successful in the marketplace, you should find the data that would most benefit your company, the kind of data that would bring you the most return on investments.

With our data solutions, ProgressBay helps you do that and more.

We have proprietary lists of data from around the world- meaning that by choosing us, you get exclusive datasets.  We ensure that the data that you access through us are accurate so that presence of junk data wouldn’t take away from your return on investment.

Another element which we assure is the freshness of the data. In the fast-moving modern world, it’s quite easy for data to get obsolete. But we ensure that every bit of information that we bring your way is fresh and has a real-time significance.

Yet another aspect of the data that we give prominence to is its relevance. The types of data that you may need will depend on multiple parameters- including the demographics of users you target, the region of the user base and the industry that you function in. ProgressBay assures that the data you get pertain to such parameters.

In other words, we make buying email database not just easy but also beneficial for you. Business emails also form a core area of focus for us since business email addresses are harder to procure. We fill this gap left open by most list brokers by bringing you b2b mailing lists which would heighten the success of your business to business email marketing endeavours as well. But that’s not to say that it’s only as a b2b data provider that we function, data to enable b2c communication is also right up ProgressBay’s alley.

Key advantages of partnering with ProgressBay for Data Solutions:

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