We have a wide number of sources where we gather our databases from. These include (but are not limited to) directories, self-submissions and subscriptions, events, seminars and conferences, business associations, tie-ups, demonstrations, various reports and analysis, user provided content and feedback, behavioural analysis data, audience analysis, Email marketing surveys, SEC submissions, new business enlistments, magazine and newsletter subscriptions, portals, networks, etc.

We take great care to ensure that our databases are accurate. Acquiring databases in just the first step. What is also crucial is the veracity of that data. The ProgressBay data collection team passes raw data on to the verification team which makes thousands of calls, sends e-mails and makes several other attempts to confirm the quality of our databases.

Your client relationship manager or our representative will ensure that your business details are entered in our database.

ANTI-SPAM POLICY: Not at all, we take great care to segregate and categorize our data. If you receive any communication from us or any of our clients, rest assured that it will be of value or importance to either your company or business.

  • Our lists have Maximum Inbox Hit rates
  • All the contacts in our database are opt-in
  • We have 1 to 1 replacement Policy for bad contacts
  • Our data accuracy is 85-90% on Email and 90-95% on other information
  • If any additional information is found incorrect we would replace the contact with new one

Yes. If you have a mailing system in place, you can purchase any of our database.

We have a very stringent and system driven data verification team and process in-place. We run regular verification drives every quarter.

Yes, you can specify your requirements and targets irrespective of being domain centric.

Yes, we take great care to ensure that our database are not relegated to unknown and non-targetable lists. We make it a point to categorize our database.

We ensure that the recipient is completely removed from that particular list.

We cannot send a mail to anyone once they opt-out. Not only will our systems not allow us, but it is against our policy. Once someone opts-out, sending them a mail until they opt back-in is Spam.

Absolutely. Our lists are categorized, live, verified, largely opted-in and most importantly, with a high success rate.

The database you purchase from ProgressBay will be sent to you via email in an excel sheet OR through a secured link where you can download the database.

Yes we can. Apart from having Email marketing mailing lists, we also have a very powerful Email Marketing engine.

From the point of approval or a formal go ahead, it takes less than a day to make your target database ready to be contacted.

We will send a detailed report of your campaign once the sending concludes. If required, we can pull out a fresh report and send you an updated version a couple of days later.

Yes if required we will, we will ensure the content is grammatically correct and suggest changes.

Well yes, but by policy we will not entertain any content that is obscene, explicit, abusive or that propagates hatred of any sort.

Absolutely, apart from being a full spectrum Email Marketing service provider, we also provide graphic and creative design services at an additional fee.

Yes we do. Your account manager may be contacted through chat, email or phone if and when you have any questions that needs to be clarified.

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