The Finance, Insurance and Real Estate industry controls, facilitates and enables financial transactions of large and small scale and also real estate.

Finance includes the functioning of depository entities, non-depository credit entities, businesses, payments for services, investments and also safeguarding the interests of near and dear ones. All monetary activity is categorized under this segment. The Insurance industry mainly pertains to the insurance business, agents, agencies and brokers. The Real Estate industry covers owners, lessors, lessees, buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, developers, builders, etc., from the industry.

ProgressBay has access to a large number of individuals and brands that make up the core functioning of these multi-faceted industries. The finance, insurance and real estate industry often puts itself at a risk (albeit a calculated one) by providing loans, funding, etc. These activities are facilitated by financial transactions that are obtained from lenders and investors and are provided to people who require the funds. ProgressBay has a detailed list of entities and establishments involved finance, insurance, real estate, channelling of funds, interest, dividends, loans and finances, brokerage services, construction business, management of funds and everything related to the financial, insurance and real estate industry sector. We interact with and extract information from all such companies and individuals working for the industry. If you have a product, service or a deliverable that you believe can cater to the industry, use ProgressBay’s comprehensive lists and services to reach out to them and make your mark. Be known, get recognition and become the most likely choice for any and every entity that exists in the financial, insurance, banking and real estate sector.


Any entities involved in depository banking activity of any sort (including fiduciary services) fall within this sub-sector.

This major group includes establishments engaged in extending credit in the form of loans, but not engaged in deposit banking.

Entities involved in the process of underwriting, sale, brokerage, etc., of securities and various financial contracts fall within this sub-sector. Entities that provide exchange, clearinghouses and other similar services also fall in this category.

Insurance Carriers and related activity sector comprises organizations that perform underwriting (risk assumption, assigning of premiums, etc) annuities and insurance policies and the facilitation above mentioned underwriting by selling insurance policies, and providing varied insurance services and other services for the benefit of human resource (employees). This also includes companies that provide reinsurance services.

Individuals (categorized as agents or brokers) that provide insurance services while being affiliated to or authorized by a fully-functional and legal organization that provides insurance services fall within this sub-sector.

This particular seb-sector of the finance industry includes real estate companies, operators, property dealers, brokers, builders, buyers, sellers, agents, property developers, construction companies, rental agencies, etc.

Companies that function as investment sources, investment trusts, holding services and also other miscellaneous investment offices are classified under this sub-sector.

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