The Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction sector comprises businesses that are involved in the extraction of minerals, liquids, solids and gasses that occur naturally.

These include coal, minerals, petroleum and natural gas. ProgressBay possesses one of the most detailed database and list of the contact information of owners, directors, public figures and executives in the Mining, Quarrying and Oil and Gas extraction industry.

These organizations are categorized based on their area of operation (mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction). This also includes processes that assist the extraction procedure. Use ProgressBay to make your presence felt. Get the Mining, Quarrying and Oil and Gas extraction industry to stand up and take notice of your product or service. ProgressBay will help you lunge forward with its comprehensive lists.


This industry does not include Oil and Gas mining and extraction. This is extraction of metallic minerals (ores). Establishments in this subsector are mainly involved in providing supporting activity either on a contract or a case-to-case basis (as a vendor). These are establishments involved in crushing, grinding, washing, drying, etc., and they assist in the extraction alloys, chemicals and pigments, etc.

Entities involved mainly in the production of bituminous coal, anthracite, and lignite form a very key part of the industry. They are also involved in the functioning of mining operations and preparation plants or washeries.

Industries in this sub-sector operate facilitate specifically the process of extraction. This includes exploration procedures, drilling and equipping processes, operators separators, emulsion breakers, equipment that helps de-silting and equipment used for preparation of oil and gas.

This is another very important group of establishments in the industry. Organizations in this subsector are involved in the process of the development of mines, the actual process of mining or quarrying and exploration (of non-metallic minerals, except fuels). Other related activity include washing, crushing, grinding, or other concentration.

Support activity for the Mining industry include taking sample of cores, conducting reconnaissance of prospective sites, excavation of pits and cellars and oil and gas operations such as drilling running, cutting, casing setting, etc.

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