Data Appending

Our team of experts would be only glad to help keep your master database accurate, so that only the information that’s relevant for you is included in the database.

Data Hygiene

As part of our Data Hygiene service, ProgressBay would help you optimize your database which in turn result sin better marketing, which leads to higher revenue for the entire organization.

Data Solutions

We live in a world that is flooded with information. To wade through this flood and find out those bits of data that are relevant to you could be quite a challenge. This is true both on the personal as well as the business front.

Progressbay data solutions
Email Campaigns

Studies after studies show that email marketing still ranks among the most trusted marketing methods by customers. Also, it is among the strongest performing media buys.

Market Research

ProgressBay helps you perform market research for different purposes- including launching a new product and to figure out the type of business that could be ideal in a particular market.

Creative Services

Words and phrases like big data, analytics and automation are often heard in the context of digital marketing these days- and with good reason. For such things as indeed helping shape the digital marketing landscape of the twenty first century.

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