Transportation and Public Utilities

This is a very large and highly important industry. Companies and organizations within this industry provide services to either other companies, public sector agencies and the general public.

Transportation can be any sort. It can include common transport, large freight transport, cargo transport services, etc. While Public utility services include providing electricity, gas, steam and water.

Many companies under various other industries require the help and assistance and functional support of the companies from transport and public utilities industry. ProgressBay trusts its processes to acquire all detailed contact information and related informative data and analysis of the industry. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients are able to target each and every valuable individual from the industry. In a nut shell, companies classified under this industry service the general public and other business entities.


The railways are a very important cog in the life of any nation. It has the responsibility of transporting several hundred thousands of people across the map. It covers great distances in shorter durations that would be taxing and problematic with road transport. Any company that works in the furnishing of services and equipment for functional support to the railways fall in this category.

Any establishments that provide any assistance or functional or operative support to the railways for local, sub-urban or inter-urban transportation fall in this sub-sector category.

Any companies providing local or distant trucking or transfer services fall within this sub-sector. Companies that provide storage services for farm products, furniture or other products also are categorized as industry within the subsector of transportation or public utility.

Companies that serve or assist the functioning of the United States Postal service fall within this category.

The world is covered in water. There is more water than land on earth. Any company involved in the transportation on any water body falls within this category. This includes, towing, passenger, excursion, ferrying services etc.

Air transport makes great distances seem ridiculous. Air transport has ensured that we can have three different meals in three different countries in the span of a day. It also ensures that cargo and freight can be transported great distances in a much faster manner. Companies that provide these services fall in this sub-sector. Apart from the usual, air transport companies also provide crop dusting, aerial photography and recreational services like sky-diving and sightseeing.

Companies that provide the service of pipeline transportation of petroleum and other commodities with the exception of natural gas, are categorized under this particular sub-sector.

Any company that provides services that are incidental to the transportation industry like packing, forwarding and arrangement of freight transportation are a part of this sub-sector of transportation and public utility.

Companies that provide point to point communications services that encompass radio or television fall in the communications industry sub-sector category. This also includes telecom communications.

All entities involved in creation, transmission and distribution of electricity, gas or sanitation services, either individually or collectively fall under this sub-sector.

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