Wholesale Trade Industry Email list

Wholesale trade entails direct sales to retailers. The purpose can either be commercial, institutional, industrial, farming or for contractors.

Entities that fall in the category of wholesale trade industry also deal with or operate as brokers and agents to facilitate the process of wholesale trade. Contractors and mediators also fall in the category. All the functions that apart from selling such as taking an inventory of existing goods, assembling, sorting and grading also falls in this particular industry. These companies include merchant wholesalers, importers and exporters, voluntary wholesalers, associations that facilitate buying and selling as well.

ProgressBay has detailed oriented processes that ensure that we gather the contact details of each and every individual and company that exists in the wholesale trade industry. We ensure that that a specialized team caters to the process of gathering databases and create lists of members in the wholesale trade industry. Products in the wholesale trade industry span diverse types of products such as motor parts, furniture, etc. ProgressBay ensures that your communication reaches out to the wholesale industry and gives you reach dividends for you investment. Wholesale trade is basically the sale of merchandize from companies or entities that are functioning as agents or brokers to retailers.

In 2005 there were approximately 620,000 wholesaling companies in the United States, with more than half of all products sold in the country passing through these wholesaling firms. Approximately 400,000 independent firms handled close to $2 trillion worth of merchandise and employed close to 6 million workers.


Durable goods are classified as goods that don’t wear out easily. Durable goods prove to be useful for a longer period of time than other goods. These include vehicles, refrigerators, etc. Companies that are involved in the durable goods segment of wholesale trade fall within this sub-sector.

Non-durable goods are classified as goods that are not expected to have a long life in terms of usability. Food is one of the best examples of a good that is non-durable. In industrial terms, non-durable goods are also called soft goods. Companies that observe the wholesale trade of any non-durable goods fall within the category of this particular sub-sector.

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